Affordable Feed Handling Equipment For The Small American Farmer

3 ton grain bins

TOBB Products LLC offers quality farming equipment at a reasonable price. To get your hands on these great products please click on our distributors page to find a distributor in your area or learn how your business can become a distributor.

All our grain storage bins are made from 14 gauge steel. This will give you many years of use and plenty of strength to withstand what can be thrown at them. Here are the various models of creep feeders, stationary and portable bulk grain bins that we manufacture.

Mobile Creep Feeders

2 ton dual axle

Holds bulk loads of feed for a more efficient farm. These heavy-duty double sided creepers are made to last the test of time.
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Bulk Storage Bins

2 ton dual axle

We build Bulk Storage Bins available in 3 ton and 5 ton stationary skid or portable models with axles and leaf springs. Easy to operate chute makes filling your buckets a breeze.
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